Emirates Team NZ America’s Cup Base Plan agreed for Auckland

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News of Emirates Team New Zealand regarding an agreement in principle between the New Zealand Government and Auckland Council on a final plan for the America’s Cup Base was announced March 26, 2018 by Emirates Team New Zealand, reports Duthie Lidgard, director of Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ, noting: “Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ offices are fielding marina berth requests days after ETNZ confirms America’s Cup in Auckland”.
Emirates Team New Zealand is pleased to confirm agreement has been reached in principle between Government and Auckland Council on a final plan developed by Emirates Team New Zealand that will see the 36th America’s Cup be sailed in Auckland in 2021 pending approval by the Auckland Council Governing Body and final sign off by Finance Minister Grant Robertson.

“This is a huge relief to have reached the agreement with Government and Council over the event venue and host agreement. Our determination to have the event in Auckland never wavered despite plenty of challenges right up until the 11th hour,” said CEO Grant Dalton.

“It has been a very complex and time-consuming process for everyone so it is pleasing that all parties have seen the collective benefit of the innovative base proposal put forward by Emirates Team New Zealand late last week.”

The Emirates Team New Zealand plan essentially eliminates the need for an extension of the Halsey Wharf which brings with it a significant cost reduction and situates the team in the Viaduct Events Centre. One team would then be housed on the extension on Hobson Wharf, while the remainder of the team bases lines up along the Wynyard Wharf.

“Excitingly, what we have in the agreements is essentially the start of the event build,” said Dalton.

“In saying this, there isn’t time to celebrate, the clock has been ticking for the past 9 months and there is a huge amount to organise and build in a very tight timeline. But it is a line in the sand where everyone collectively can now focus on working together to deliver the best America’s Cup in history and the most successful and inclusive major event New Zealand has ever seen for all New Zealanders.”